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Lake Ouachita, Arkansas

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Solar Eclipse

Crystal Springs Marina Village is the place to be during what has been dubbed the Great North American Eclipse. 


To experience the total phase of the eclipse, gazers must be in the narrow path of totality, which will run through the center of The Natural State from southwest to northeast. 

Eclipse Times for Hot Springs, Arkansas

Start of Partial Eclipse —— 12:31:57 PM 

Start of Total Eclipse —— 1:49:29 PM 

Maximum Eclipse —— 1:51:17 PM 

End of Total Eclipse —— 1:53:05 PM 

End of Partial Eclipse —— 3:10:13 PM 

Duration of Totality —— 3 min, 37 sec

Book your stay at Crystal Springs Marina Village for the perfect place to see the 2024 Solar Eclipse!

We will be offering primitive camping for the eclipse! $200/ per night. Limited to 25 spaces. Call to reserve.

Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

Your Eclipse Destination

Book your stay at Crystal Springs Marina Village for the perfect place to see the 2024 Solar Eclipse!

Crystal Springs Marina Village is the perfect destination for the 2024 Solar Eclipse!

On April 8, 2024, the eclipse will trace a narrow path of totality (complete darkness) across 13 states, with the longest duration in Texas and the shortest in Maine. Because the eclipse will enter the United States through Texas and into Arkansas, we will be first to experience it.

We are in the path of totality, and with great lake views. It typically takes 550 years for a total solar eclipse to pass over the same place twice in the Northern Hemisphere and 350 years in the Southern Hemisphere. This is the experience of a lifetime.

For those wanting to view another total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States after the 2024 event, it’ll be a 20-year wait until August 23, 2044, for the next one. Plus, that eclipse is visible only in northwestern Montana and a tiny segment of North Dakota. So let’s make 2024 a huge celebration!!

This event will bring thousands of visitors to our region to experience the phenomenon – an amazing opportunity for tourism for each of our counties and communities.

Groups and organizations across Arkansas are planning events focusing on this historic astronomical occurrence. Economic impact from the 2017 eclipse was massive but Arkansas is in a position to exceed those numbers, since The Natural State is centrally located and our “darkness” time will be nearly twice that of the 2017 event.

Ref: National Eclipse

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