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Before you make a reservation, please note that we have a 2 night minimum on weekends and a 3 night minimum on holidays. Please read our cancellation policy before booking your reservation.

Cancellation Policy



  • Deposit equals one night rate, charged at time of reservation-for phone reservations only. Booking online will charge you 100% upfront.

  • Deposit is refunded, less $25, if cancellation is made outside 14 days of arrival date.

  • If cancellation is made inside 14 days of arrival date, deposit is forfeited in full.

  • If cancellation is made inside 24 hours of arrival date, the full reservation is forfeited.

  • 2 nights minimum on all lodging.

  • 3 nights minimum on all holiday weekends.

  • 1 night stays will include a $50 upcharge.

Cancellation Policy
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